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LIFE13 ENV/IT/000813

Project cofinanced by the LIFE + program of the European Commission


Project LIFE+ 2013
Sustainable Monitoring And Reporting To Inform Forest
and Environmental Awareness and Protection
LIFE13 ENV/IT/000813
Duration of the project:september 2014 - march 2018

Total cost: € 2.206.527
(EU contribution: 50,00%)
The Coordinating Beneficiary is "Corpo forestale dello Stato"

The Associated Beneficiary are:


What's SMART4Action?

As known by now, the forest resources provide a range of services to a variety of users, from entire communities to individual citizens and from private to public .In southern Europe, forests are characterized by reduced tolerance and ecological plasticity against the repeated occurrence of extreme meteorological events . Their capacity to capture carbon from the atmosphere can be drastically reduced by a high drought associated with waves of heat. High levels of air pollutants as ozone tend to increase due to the elevated emissions of their precursors, exposing the tree to further stress. In addition, new interactions with pathogens are established and a great danger can come from so-called parasites of weakness.


To monitor this situation and to predict possible future developments are needed updated data and continuous information on forests (health and plant growth, the amount of carbon sequestered, impact of climate change, biodiversity). This data can be very useful to a broad audience (eg policy makers, managers or owners of the forest, scientific researchers, citizens who use the services provided by forests) and used for various purposes (such as forest b sustainable management and conservation, the responses to the Kyoto Protocol, etc.).The national forest inventories (NFI) and large-scale networks of forest monitoring are the main sources of data about  European forest ecosystems.

In Italy, the National Forest Service is pursuing these activities at national and international level for decades. In particular, the CFS is responsible for implementing the National Forest Inventory and, on the basis of the International UN / ECE Transboundary Air Pollution Long Range Convention, helped to establish in Italy two networks in 1987 and in 1995, for monitoring the health of forests: a large-scale network consists of about 265 plot extracted from a systematic grid and an intensive network consists of 31 permanent study areas.


Until 2007 the monitoring of forests in Europe was supported by regulations and EU fundings ad hoc. Today, this support is no longer available. In Italy, the monitoring networks have annual cost estimated at about € 850 000,00 and is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain the system in its current form
The drastic reduction of funds could inevitably lead to the interruption of data acquisition and loss of the only Italian data set comparable at European level. We all know that trees take many years to grow and forest to develop. For this reason, from now this data set starts to have significant value and ecological meaning for scientific research.


For this the SMART4Action project was born!

To re-design the network of italian forest monitoring so that we can ensure both the significant cost reduction and maintenance of the quality of  scientific observations 

On 1 September 2014 was launched the project co-financed by the European Commission LIFE13 ENV/IT/000813 Sustainable Monitoring And Reporting To Inform Forest‐ and Environmental Awareness and Protection SMART4Action",. The National Forest Service will  lead the project as Coordinating Beneficiary with the collaboration of the National Research Council (CNR), the National Research Council for Agriculture  (C.R.A.) and the University of Study of Firenze (UNIFI). The project will last 43 months.

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